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Kathy Smith Wellness Shake - Vanilla - 1 Bottle

Kathy Smith Wellness

Kathy Smith Wellness Shake - Vanilla - 1 Bottle

$ 49.00
Also available in Chocolate!

The Kathy Shake Wellness Protein Shake is the perfect balance of digestible protein, sourced from New Zealand Grass fed cows, contains 8 billion probiotics per serving,
mixes easily in all kinds of liquids - water, milk, green tea. It is sugar free, GMO free, and free of lactose and casein. It's the perfect compliment for your active lifestyle.

- The rich, creamy taste of a Vanilla Kathy Smith Protein Shake is an exciting way to get the nutrition you need. With the protein-rich whey and a full scope of nutrients, it provides one of life’s pleasures as you enjoy a treat you know is good for you in every way!

I feel confident in saying that this will be the best protein shake powder you’ve ever tried. But I understand you want a guarantee just in case - just in case something comes up, just in case you don't like it, or just in case this is not the right time for you.

That's why I have no problem providing a satisfaction guarantee for 60 days. Contact us anytime within the first 60 days and get a full refund if you find that this simple, powerful, and effective Protein Powder does not meet your needs.

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